ESP | Print Size and Placement



ESP | Print Size and Placement


For help on deciding how many to order or which process to use check out this article on our Blog and click HERE to find out what print positions are possble


Print SIZE guide






Screen printing artwork requirements


We can accept the artwork in any of the following formats; Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, High-Resolution 300dpi Jpegs or PNG and PDF files.      

+ Artwork Guidelines for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  


Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, Paintbrush, Corel WordPerfect, Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher.


You can email your artwork to  If your file is too large for email, we recommend using the free file transfer service or drop into our showroom with your art on a USB drive.


If you have the idea but need help turning your vision into a graphic that will be noticed, we have our own experienced designers to help. With over 15 years experience of designing for streetwear industry, our team can create original art for your organisation or brand or simply turn your sketch into a print ready design.

low resolution 72DPI INTERNET MAGES.

Most pixel based images from the web are usually 72 dpi and are near impossible to use for screen printing, unless you don’t mind that lo-fi un-readable pixelated look.  300 dpi is the minimum resolution to recreate an image on a shirt, but we just love it when we receive the artwork in a Vector format.

Click HERE to learn more about Pixels vs Vector and why 72dpi is a printers nightmare.



Pantone Colour Guide


Pantone Colour Guide



To ensure accurate colours we use the Pantone Solid Coated colour matching system. With a library of over 1300 colours and an accurate mixing formula for each, we can provide consistent colour matching to your design. For true accuracy when it comes to choosing your colours we recommend using the official Pantone Solid Coated colour book available from leading graphic supply stores or visit our showroom to confirm your Pantone colours.

You can use this online tool to find your Pantone "C" Colour However it is important to note, this chart is to be used as a reference guide only. Pantone colours on computer screens will vary depending on your system.

Pantone Colour matching

Important Information

Important Information

Turnaround / Due Date

The due date on your ESP Work Order is contingent the customer suppling us all required information to complete your order (acceptable artwork files, all billing and shipping info, etc.) and to promptly approve your print specifications or advise us of any changes. Delay in receipt of *any* of this info could result in production delays. We aim to send your print specification for approval within 24 hours, after quote approval and the required artwork files. Our standard turnaround time is 5-7 Business Days + Shipping. Complex orders, changes to artwork or your order may increase turnaround. Delay in approval of you print specification could also result in production delays. Each finishing service (printed tags, hem tags, etc.) will add extra time to the turn around on orders, adding roughly 2-7 days per finishing to the turn around time.

If you have a deadline for your order, it is very important that you let us know when placing your order and a rush fee may apply if there is not enough time to complete your order under normal circumstances. If you do not advise us about a due date until after you have approved your quote, we may not be able to accommodate your request. Any circumstances out of Excellent Screen Printers Ltd control (ie: weather delays, shipping errors by the supplier, etc.) may also require more time and are not factored into your work order listed due date.


Our standard minimum order for screen printing is 12pcs for a one colour print. We can print less than 12pcs on request, but minimum charges apply. For example it may cost the same to print 4pcs as it is to print 12pcs. More colours or complexity in your design require larger minimums. We are flexible, but we suggest the following minimums.

1-2 Colours: 12-24 Piece Minimum

3-4 Colours: 36-48 Piece Minimum

5-6 Colours: 72-100 Piece Minimum

Any Order With Finishings: 50 Piece Minimum

You can find out more about minimums here.


Payment is due before pick up or shipping. 7 Day terms are available for approved customers. Payment can be made via direct debit or CASH/EFTPOS instore. Credit Card payment made over the phone will incur an extra 2.5% surcharge.


All files must be 300 DPI or vector format. Your design should be sized at 100% of finish print size. All Text must be converted to outlines. Please see our artwork page for our file requirements. Excellent Screen Printers is not responsible for any misspellings, errors, or issues in your art file. While we do our best to review your artwork to check for obvious errors, we may not catch all errors in artwork supplied. If you have supplied your artwork and approved your print spec, that is how we will print it.

Art Approval | Order Proofing:

All artwork is to be approved via a digital Print Specification file sent by email. Artwork must be checked for accuracy, spelling, Pantone colour, placement and size of your print. It is very important to look over every detail of the Print Spec, as this is how your garments will print. Excellent Screen Printers will not accept responsibility for changes after the print specification has been approved by the customer. Any changes requested after customer approval will result in production delays and may incur additional costs if we have already started production. Any delays in the approval process longer than 24 hours after receipt of the Print Spec may result in production delays.

On Press Approval:

It is the Customer’s responsibility to request to check the print on the press before the job is run. No responsibility for any errors or omissions is taken by the printer beyond this point. It is vital that any proof on press happens within an hour of notification or scheduled time that your print is ready for approval. Any design on press that held awaiting a Customer's instruction may be charged an additional cost for the time the press is standing idle.


The screen charge is for the cost of exposing your design onto our screens only. The screens are owned by Excellent Screen Printer and the payment of the screen charge does not transfer ownership to the customer. The initial screen charge is a one off cost and any re-orders within 3 months will not incur additional screen charges. Any re-orders after 3 months may incur a minimal charge to put your design back onto a screen.

Print Sizes:

We follow the industry of using the same set of screens per design; that is, the graphic will print the exact same size, no matter the size of the item we are printing on. If you would like to have different screen sizes made for different item sizes, please let us know at the time of requesting your quote. Each set of screens will be considered a different order, with pricing and minimums charged accordingly. Please keep the maximum print size in mind when printing from Kids and up to XXLarge Adults tees. It is normal process to make the print the maximum size available on your smallest size.

Example Order: Joe Bloggs Limited. orders 40 youth shirts and 60 Unisex shirts with the same design, but Joe Bloggs Ltd Wants a smaller print size on the youth shirts. Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will have to make two sets of screens. Joe Bloggs Limited will be charged 2 set-up fees and 40 Quantity pricing for the youth shirts and 60 Quantity pricing for the Unisex shirts, NOT the 100 Quantity pricing.

Out of Stock Items:

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd is not responsible for items that are out of stock. While we check items we know to have potential stock issues, all garments are ordered after your order is placed, and we cannot guarantee their availability. If items are out of stock, our production team will contact you to advise you when these are expected to be in stock gain or suggest alternative styles or colour.

Over Collar & Seam Printing:

Although Excellent Screen Printers Ltd has the latest equipment available and years of experience, inconsistencies may occur in registration and ink coverage when printing near or over the collar, seams, or any other edges. Any large prints may run the risk of going over the sleeve seam. These are all considered acceptable goods and will not be considered for return.


Although Excellent Screen Printers Ltd has the latest equipment available, inconsistencies may occur in registration and ink coverage when printing over the zipper, pockets or any other uneven surfaces. Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will not be responsible for these inconsistencies. Due to the nature of Sweatshirt fabric, it is normal for fabric fibrillation to occur and are considered acceptable goods and will not be considered for return.

*Fibrillation in screen printing is when the fibres of a shirt stick through the ink deposit, giving a shirt, post-washing, a faded or even hairy look.

Specific Print Placement Measurements When Printing:

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd has over 20 years of experience, and even with all our experience there is no way to effectively and efficiently measure a distance from the collar on each shirt as each garment is loaded onto the press by hand. If you request a print that is 75mm down from the collar, we will use that as a guide and do our best to make sure that all shirts hit that target, but not all shirts will hit exactly at 75mm, they may be off by as much as an 25mm in either direction. This will not be considered a misprint and Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will not reprint or refund these shirts.

Changes to Your Order After Quote Approval:

Any changes made to your garment or print order after your job has been started may incur restocking fees. If we have already produced film work, screens or sampling we will charge for any work we have already produced. Any changes to your order after it has been placed will delay your order, even if you have paid a rush fee and/or have given us a required date. It is very important that you do not place your order until you are certain that's what you want. Once the process begins, everyone in our shop starts to work on different aspects of the job, changes become costly and time consuming.

Cancellations & Restocking Fees:

Cancellations made after order has been placed will be subject to a 15% restocking fee plus any additional fees required to cover services already rendered. No cancellations will be accepted once production or any manipulation of the garments (tag removal, printed tags, printing, hem tagging, etc.) has begun on the order.

Requested Deadline Dates:

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will do everything we can to meet any must-have date, but we cannot guarantee it. Rush fees may apply. Customer may be responsible for any urgent courier charges associated with the order.


Excellent Screen Printers Ltd cannot be responsible for any shipping delays caused by the courier. For Example if the courier cannot deliver your package on time due to inclement weather. delivers your package to the wrong address (although provided the correct address) and you do not receive your products on time. Excellent Screen Printers Ltd is not responsible for any goods lost by a 3rd party (courier etc).

Under-Runs & Spoilage:

Due to the nature of the print process, there can be misprints and spoilage due to factors outside our control. When suppling us with your own garments Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will not be responsible for under-runs or spoilage up to 3% on jobs of 100 shirts per design, and up to 10% on jobs of less than 100 pieces. (Spoilage must be more than 10 shirts per design for a reprint). Please keep this in mind when supplying us with garments (it is never a bad idea to order extras). We always do our best to get you what you ordered. We will re-print any items shorted from your order but will not process a reprint for less than 10% of your order (or 10 shirts minimum). Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will not, at any time, be responsible for any lost profits on any items due to under-runs or spoilage. If you are purchasing garments through Excellent Screen Printers Ltd, we always supply your complete order and under-runs or spoilage do not apply.


Excellent Screen Printers Ltd reserves the right to change our pricing without notice. Please request a quote for our latest pricing.

Garment Disclaimer:

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as colour inconsistencies, stitching errors, mislabeled garments, loose/inconsistent stitching, and/or garment defects (holes in garments, ripped seams, etc.). We try our hardest to inspect the garments as we print them, but we cannot guarantee each garment. If you discover a garment with a manufacturer defect please return within 72 hours of receiving your order.

Some manufacturers over-dye their garments. Over-dying is the process of re-dying a garment after it's initial manufacturing period. This is done for any number of reasons, including colour correction, clearing out of colours that didn't sell (green shirts aren't selling so the manufacturer dyes them black to sell them as black shirts), etc. Because of this, Excellent Screen Printers Ltd cannot 100% guarantee exact colour consistency on colouring with discharge printing or discharge based services. For example when order the same style and colour from a manufacturer to have an entire size print differently to the rest of you order. For example of you order Black Style XX from Joe Bloggs Brand tees you may discover all the smalls have a green hue as Joe Bloggs Brand over-dyed their excess greens tees to sell as black. If you are concerned about the possibility of over-dying on a garment you are interested in or would like more information or alternate print methods, please contact us. We will be glad to provide you with any information that may help you avoid this issue.

Satisfaction Clause:

While we do our very best to anticipate your needs and provide a quality product, Excellent Screen Printers Ltd does not guarantee your satisfaction with the garments printed on or the printed artwork. We are always do our best to advise you of the options, the limitations of each process and suggest the best option for your needs, but we also need you to do your due diligence on the garment and print choice. If you are unsure of what garment or service to select, you are welcome to visit our showroom or we can gladly order a number of blank samples for you to choose from. The samples will be billed at a per piece rate and shipped without printing. Blank samples will not credit to the cost of your order.

Quality Assurance:

We try to check every garment as it comes off of the press, but there are times where some mistakes will make it out the door. It is your responsibility as the customer to check over garments as you receive them. We allow an industry standard 72 hour window from the time you receive the goods to notify us of any issues with the order. Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will not be responsible for errors with your order if notified after 72 hours of receiving the goods. Excellent Screen Printers Ltd also will not be responsible for any lost income, customers, accounts, and/or contracts if defective garments are sent out to your final customer. While Excellent Screen Printers Ltd does quality checks on the garments, the final quality assurance check lies in the hands of you, our customer.

Claims & Reprints:

We go to great lengths to try to ensure that every order that leaves our facility is excellent. All of our customers are valued customers, regardless of size, and we want you all to know that. Any order printed differently than the mock-up approved will be granted a reprint of the defective product. All claims must be submitted within 72 hours of date of delivery. Please contact us to submit your claim. If Excellent Screen Printers Ltd is responsible for any errors in your order, we will gladly accept responsibility for the issues and will reprint the shirts printed in error. We do not offer refunds, but will gladly reprint any production errors that exceed the spoilage rate.

We will require that you ship the misprinted shirts back to our shop. Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will not be responsible for any shirts sold or given away prior to returning the order and we will only re-print the quantity that has been returned to us.

Copyright and Libellous Material.

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd may refuse to print any design for any reason. Those reasons may include designs that are libellous in nature or that is in breach of any statute or constitutes an infringement of copyright or any other intellectual property right. The Customer indemnifies the Excellent Screen Printers Ltd in respect of any and all claims and/or expenses arising out of any illegal or libellous matter or breach of statute or infringement of copyright or any other intellectual property right.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to:

a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business, where ever we do business. ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations, respect for the rights of all individuals and respect for the environment.

Child Labor

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd does not and will not use child labor. The term “child” refers to a person younger than 15 (or 14 where local law allows) or, if higher, the local legal minimum age for employment or the age for completing compulsory education. Excellent Screen Printers Ltd employing young persons who do not fall within the definition of “children” will also comply with any laws and regulations applicable to such persons.

Involuntary Labor

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will never use any forced or involuntary labor, whether prison, bonded, indentured or otherwise.

Coercion and Harassment

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will treat each employee with dignity and respect, and will not use corporal punishment, threats of violence or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.


Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will not discriminate in hiring and employment practices, including salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement, on the basis of race, religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, political opinion or disability.


Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will respect the rights of employees to associate, organise and bargain collectively in a lawful and peaceful manner, without penalty or interference.

Health and Safety

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring at a minimum reasonable access to potable water and sanitary facilities; fire safety; and adequate lighting and ventilation. Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will also ensure that the same standards of health and safety are applied in any housing that they provide for employees.


Excellent Screen Printers Ltd recognises that wages are essential to meeting employees’ basic needs. At a minimum, it complies with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime, maximum hours, piece rates and other elements of compensation, and provide legally mandated benefits. Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will compensate employees for overtime hours at such premium rate as is legally required or, if there is no legally prescribed premium rate, at a rate at least equal to the regular hourly compensation rate.

Protection of the Environment

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd complies with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Other Laws

Excellent Screen Printers Ltd will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those pertaining to the manufacturing, pricing, sale and distribution of merchandise. All references to “applicable laws and regulations” in this Code of Conduct include local and national codes, rules and regulations as well as applicable treaties and voluntary industry standards.