SENDING US YOUR ARTWORK is a great service for sending your art files, more reliable than email and it's FREE! Files can be emailed, but sometimes attachments can get stripped out, size can be a limitation even when compressed. (Use ZIP files on PC and Stuffit for Macs.) Art files can be supplied on CD or Flash Drives. Please name your files with the design name, and include all pertinent contact info in the email message, such as your name, the job name, and your phone number.


We use the PMS (Pantone Matching System) to communicate accurate colours. See the PMS guide.


ACCEPTABLE Computer File Formats: Adobe Acrobat (PDF) is the most straight forward file format. 

Adobe Illustrator

VERSIONS ACCEPTED:  All versions, up to and including Illustrator CC2019.

PREFERRED FILE FORMATS: Save as native .ai or .eps file.

LINKED IMAGES. Make sure to embed any pixel based art at 100% FULL SIZE 300dpi and do not supply pixel art as placed or linked images.


Adobe Photoshop

VERSIONS ACCEPTED: All versions, up to and including Photoshop CC2019.

PREFERRED FILE FORMATS: Save as native .psd or .tif file. Photos - 180dpi at 100% print size, or greater. Line art - 300 dpi or greater, saved as tif. If possible, mail original photos used in creating the artwork, in case we need to re-scan. Do not flatten layers, as it is often helpful in adjusting a file to print to have the original layers if layers were used to create the design.

FONTS: Please rasterize all fonts contained within Photoshop images before submitting. 

CMYK, Full-colour halftone prints: Please note: Supply as a .psd file @ at least 300 dpi. It may be a good idea to put your art on a background the colour of the shirt to see that it works, especially if you have white in the design. 

NOTE: DO NOT include the Background (e.g. T-shirt colour) on the same layer as the artwork to be printed!! 

The CMYK artwork should be on a TRANSPARENT background, the T colour on a layer of its own. If the art has a WHITE component that should also be on its own layer. Check your finished art that you have all layers and that you can switch each one on & off independently.

We DO NOT accept artwork in the following formats.

Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, Paintbrush, Corel WordPerfect, Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher

we Do NOt Accept 72dpi internet images for screen printing.


Submit your own design or design ideas. Our expert art department can work from your computer disk, your camera ready image, or simply your sketch. If you need to fax in your sketch, read our fax guidelines. ART RATE PER HOUR:  $70.00/hour, minimum 1/4 hour. PRODUCTION TIME FOR CUSTOM ART: Please allow time for the creation of your design, talk to our art department for a timeline.


From experience we have found that the creation of a PDF Proof emailed to you before starting your print run is the safest way of communicating your specifications between you, ESP and ESP Ltd's printers. It ensures that all parties visually understand the work to be undertaken. There is a minimal charge for this service.