So you have an awesome idea to have your print wrapping around a shirt, over a seam or shoulder like our mock up? This is so unique and amazing you wonder why no one else has done it before?

We often get these requests and 99% of the time they are from large agency designers without an apparel design back ground. Looks great on a Photoshop mock up like our example above, but screen Printing is a 2D process and unfortunately we can’t print around a 3D object and printing over seams is just horrible.

If you want the look of a wrap around side print the best way to achieve this is print the front and back separately. To do this we need the print to be no closer than 15mm-20mm to the side seam. This avoids ugly ink build up close to the seam

Before spending time on your amazing new t-shirt project we suggest checking out our online print guide to know what is possible and work within these boundaries. We love working on out of the box designs, but it’s always best to talk to us first.

if you really need the seamless wrap around shirt, there are only a couple ways to achieve these designs and unfortunately none are workable on stock cotton blank garments.

Off shore production where the panels are printed before the garment is assembled. This generally requires a large orders, developing your own garment fit and long lead times. This is why you see these styles of prints on mass market garments only and never on stock tees like Anvil, AS Colour, Gildan etc.

Printing over seams is time consuming and always resulting in a sub par print . Because the shirt has creases, double layer seams etc, the print can come out with crease lines, missing in areas or ink where ink builds up in thick ugly layers around the seams. It looks horrible.