We now offer more print techniques than ever and with so many options it’s hard to know where to start. We have put together some helpful answers to commonly asked questions.

How many do I need to order?

This is our most common question, especially when you are new to the printing process. We can print from as little as a single shirt, but not all print methods are suitable for all order sizes.

Let’s start with our core service, SCREEN PRINTING. This process requires an investment in time and costs to set up each order. Unlike our digital service each design requires film, screens and time to set up each print on the screen print carousel. Essentially there is a order quantity threshold over which these set up costs become economical. After tens of thousands of print jobs, we have created a basic rule to help calculate a suggested minimum order. These suggested minimums are for each design. As long the print is the same, your minimum order can contain a mix of garments and colours. The basic rule of thumb is to multiply each colour in your design by 12 to come to your suggested minimum order.

  • 1 Colour Print (1 x 12pcs) = Minimum Total Order 12pcs

  • 2 Colour Print (2 x 12pcs) = Minimum Total Order 24pcs

  • 3 Colour Print (3 x 12pcs) = Minimum Total Order 36pcs

  • 4 Colour Print (4 x 12pcs) = Minimum Total Order 48pcs

  • 5 Colour Print (5 x 12pcs) = Minimum Total Order 60pcs

  • 6 Colour Print (6 x 12pcs) = Minimum Total Order 72pcs

For small orders we have our DIGITAL PRINT DEPARTMENT. All our digital print processes are ideally suited for orders under 12pcs. The first and most important question to ask if you are contemplating have your shirts digital printed, are these going to be used for Retail, Business or Trade Uniforms? If you a Restaurant, Builder, Plumber, Retail Store then you need a screen print. No other process will be suitable for heavy duty use. Also remember 99.999% of shirts sold in fashion stores are screen printed, so if you plan to re-sell your shirts in a retail store the end customer expect the feel and durability of a screen print.

However if you need a one off custom shirt or needs only a handful of shirts for a promotion or event, then our digital process is just for you. We offer 3 different digital print processes (vinyl transfers, printed transfers and direct to garment prints). Our transfers all use high quality European made vinyls for soft feel and durability. Our Direct to Garment printer is essentially a specialised inkjet printer that prints directly onto the shirt using water-based inks and pre-treatment for dark shirts. There are minimal to no set up costs involved, making one off tees economical. The major consideration with any direct to garment print is the durability. DTG prints will fade and care must be taken with looking after your shirt, no hot washing or tumble drying.

How do I order or organise a quote?

The most important thing to know is that each job is unique and we will require specific information to allow us to accurately generate your quote. Because of this, please do not be offended when we are unable to give a quote over the phone or supply a standard price-list. For orders over 12pcs, they best way to organise a quote is to fill in our QUOTE form. For our small digital orders under 12pcs we have set up a website to streamline the ordering process. By eliminating the usual time and costs to manually process small orders our digital website makes ordering and printing small orders, quick, easy and cost effective. www.espdtg.co.nz.

We do realise that some jobs wether great or small offer unique challenges, so if you have any questions please reach out to our sales team and we are happy to offer help or advice before starting your next print project.

For additional information about our print sizes, print placement positions and artwork requirements please check out our GUIDES.