Our standard screen printing is anything but standard! Actually standard screen printing only refers the most common style of print we produce - all of our prints are exceptional!  Following are some of the most common sizes and styles we produce at ESP. If you’re looking for something a bit special, then be sure to check out the information about our specialty inks, oversize printing, team numbers and more.


Plastisol is the ink of choice for most designs we print. It is an extremely versatile ink and can be used on most textiles including t-shirts, fabric, hoodies, jackets, totes etc. It wears very well, allows for bright & bold colours (including fluoros), easy to match to the Pantone Solid Coated System and creates great opaque whites on dark fabrics. If you want a bold and colourful print, then Plastisol is the choice for you!  But if it’s a softer print more luxurious print you are after, then our water based or discharge inks may be your ideal choice.


Although Plastisol is the number one choice for most jobs we produce, it’s not for everyone. We also specialise in Water based and Discharge inks. But if you are still looking for something a little different we also offer a wide range of amazing inks that glow in the dark, reflect, puff or shine. We can print your shirts with metallic inks, glitter, puff ink, metallic foils, UV reactive ink, glow in the dark ink, fluro and more. Feel free to drop into our Dominion Road showroom  and we can show you the all the available options.


If you are after a photorealistic print then our 4 colour process may be the one for you. For this method we use 4 colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black to print a photorealistic image onto primarily white or light coloured garments. If you are wanting to print on dark fabrics, we suggest using our simulated process method. 


This is our preferred choice for printing detailed, colour intensive graphics with a lot of blending and gradients. This method can be used on either light or dark fabrics, but is best suited to dark colour shirts. Unlike CYMK printing, the Simulated Process method can use anywhere from 2-10 colours to make up your image and this depends on the design.


Our standard print size is anything up to 360mm x 440mm, but we can go huge! Check out our Jumbo and Full Bleed printing services.


Our standard print positions include; centre front, pocket print, centre back, pocket, short sleeve, long sleeve, back neck and hem area. However don't let this stop your creativity, because if it has a flat surface we can print it!