After 25 years in the screen printing business, you see many fads come and go, but you also get to see the techniques and skillsets that stand the test of time.

Two of our most popular printing methodologies are classic screen printing, and DTG (direct to garment) printing. The pair are probably also the easiest to juxtapose: whilst we started out in a Takapuna garage screen printing before dial-up internet was mainstream, DTG has only come about - and ever-more affordable - with technology’s development.

The major distinction between the two is that screen printing is a manual process, whilst DTG employs the use of a monolithic and state-of-the-art printer. Both require careful monitoring by somebody who knows what they’re doing, but screen printing is substantially more hands-on, requiring physical labour and time-honoured materials (namely, screens and squeegees) to produce a finished product.

Screen printing offers a precise finished product, often with decades’ worth of longevity due to the robust physical application of each colour layer. DTG, on the other hand, offers a unique level of graphical reproduction - even photographs, composed of dozens of colours will be produced in crisp detail. As it’s not as deep nor thick a finish and printed with water-based inks, DTG may not last as long as screen printed garments, nor be as vibrant or bright (particularly on darker surfaces), but the print clarity may be just the ticket if you’re looking for detail above all else.

We offer a range of local and international t-shirt lines in wholesale pricing to give you the most cost effective and efficient turn-around. We recommend AS Colour's high quality garments as a print surface when choosing DTG, as they'll offer an unparalleled, vibrant print result. 

Drop by the studio (762 Dominion Road) or drop us a line (09 620-0040) to chat about what artistic approach will be best to bring your dream to life.