We use the PMS (Pantone Matching System) Pantone Solid Coated to communicate accurate colours.


VERSIONS ACCEPTED:  All versions, up to and including Illustrator CC2019.

PREFERRED FILE FORMATS: Save as native .ai or .eps file.

LINKED IMAGES. Make sure to embed any pixel based art at 100% FULL SIZE 300dpi and do not supply pixel art as placed or linked images.



VERSIONS ACCEPTED: All versions, up to and including Photoshop CC2019.

PREFERRED FILE FORMATS: Save as native .psd or .tif file. Photos - 180dpi at 100% print size, or greater. Line art - 300 dpi or greater, saved as tif. If possible, mail original photos used in creating the artwork, in case we need to re-scan. Do not flatten layers, as it is often helpful in adjusting a file to print to have the original layers if layers were used to create the design.

FONTS: Please rasterize all fonts contained within Photoshop images before submitting. 

CMYK, Full-colour halftone prints: Please note: Supply as a .psd file @ at least 300 dpi. It may be a good idea to put your art on a background the colour of the shirt to see that it works, especially if you have white in the design. 

NOTE: DO NOT include the Background (e.g. T-shirt colour) on the same layer as the artwork to be printed!! 

The CMYK artwork should be on a TRANSPARENT background, the T colour on a layer of its own. If the art has a WHITE component that should also be on its own layer. Check your finished art that you have all layers and that you can switch each one on & off independently.