For super soft shirts, nothing beats water based & discharge inks. One of the biggest benefits of water-based & discharge ink is how soft the image remains after being printed. It's virtually unnoticeable to the touch and the perfect application on fine ringspun cotton fabrics. Once you try your first water-based printed tee, it’s very likely you won’t want to wear anything else ever again. We can now print white and full colour discharge on dark colours!

  • Phthalate free ink, perfect for hospitality and children’s wear uses.

  • A soft breathable print for super comfy to wear.

  • The feel and look of a water base print on a black T-shirt!

  • Match to your Pantone colour.

  • Great for fine detail and half tones.

  • Cleans up in water, not harsh chemicals.

  • A natural alternative to Plastisol.



Water based ink is a solvent free ink that soaks into the fabric instead of sitting on top like our standard plastisol prints. Our eco-friendly water based inks don't have the “rubbery” feel of other inks and create an ultra soft print that has a virtually undetectable hand feel. Once you try a shirt printing using our water-based inks, you won’t want to wear anything else again! For water-based colours that ‘Pop’, we recommend using light coloured cotton garments. For soft feel Dark Coloured garments, we recommend our Discharge Printing. Both Water Based and Discharge are perfect for Large and Oversized printing.

Discharge ink is still a solvent free ink that soaks into a shirt’s fabric. However unlike water based ink, the discharge additive reacts under heat to remove or ‘strip’ out the fabric dye colour to expose the original un-dyed fabric, leaving a calico like colour. To add colour we mix the discharge agent into our ink to re-dye the print area once the discharge agent has removed the fabric colour. Discharge printing is perfect for creating soft prints and ideal for large prints. Not all shirt brands and colours are created equal when its comes to discharge printing, so before planning your design talk to us first so we can advise you on the best garments for your design.